Your billing department is one of the most important components next to your clinical care. Without knowledgeable and efficient billing services and personnel, it is impossible to maximize your reimbursement and longevity.

1. Do you have denied or non-covered claims?
2. Does your software perform a CCI Edit Check?
3. Does your staff have the necessary training and education to handle the current billing regulations?

Since 2004, Advantage Billing & Consultants has maintained a high success rate of processed and collected claims.

  • Medicare
  • Medicare Advantage
  • Private Insurance
  • Uncollected Claims
  • Non-covered Medicare Claims
  • Adjusted Claims Expertise
  • Secondary and Co-insurance Claim Collection

Our billing services include:

  • Complete billing service and accounts receivable management
  • Outsource a portion or all of your billing and collection functions
  • Obtain assistance in "cleaning up" old accounts receivable balances
  • Centralized accounts receivable and billing for a single facility or a
    multi-facility chain into our office
  • Electronic and HIPPA compliant billing capabilities
  • Medicare and or Medicaid only billing services
  • On-site visits and analysis
  • Comprehensive reports at each month end

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